5 rules every successful career women should know!!

Earlier everyone use to talk of a few standard things that would get someone on top of the corporate ladder. As I started growing in the corporate world I realized that it’s not just standard things like ‘working hard’, ‘be on time’ etc. that will make you successful. I want to share all that I have learnt in 13 years on my career.

All these things I have learnt after I have made mistakes and sometimes I still make these mistakes.

Sell yourself/make yourself visible or in better words ‘Bring attention to yourself’ –

Jumping and talking loudly is not required to make yourself visible. Make sure you inform your manager of all the work you are doing. Send an email when you meet a goal. Recently I have learnt how you can document everything, it helps you showcase your work in addition to keeping a record. Being your cheerleader is important. I know it’s difficult but there is no harm trying. Soon you will realize that it helps!

Make your ‘list’ –

Make your list of your ‘to do’ and also everyday write down of the value you have brought to the company/department. The list of all the value add work done by you also makes you work towards understanding if you are ready for the new role or next level.

Colleagues are not friends –

I have made this mistake a lot of times and always had bitter experience. Colleagues are colleagues or co-workers and not your friends. Just keep your conversation to work with colleagues, anything else will at some point or the other be used against you.

It’s not Personal

Business is business, never make it a personal thing. If someone gets a promotion earlier than you, gets a better role or a good project; learn to let go. You might want to may be scream, but do that after you have come back home. Remember you do not have friends at work place.

Don’t be afraid to call out people –

Most of the times you are not able to meet deadline is when there are people dependencies. It’s ok to inform your boss that because of a particular colleague you were not able to meet deadline. You necessarily do not have to apologize to them as they are not doing their job at the first place. It’s not important if people around you like you or not; it’s more important to add value to the business.

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