Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara Review

Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara

I’m a big fan of mascara. It’s a product that can just transform your look. Just a little mascara can make your eyes look bigger, more awake and just make them look really beautiful. It’s a product that I use everyday and so I’m always on a lookout for a good mascara.

I bought the Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara a few months back and since then I have been trying to use it.

Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara

Bourjois says:

10X VOLUME AND FLEXIBLE HOLD FOR YOUR LASHES A mega lash styling cylindrical brush for 10x volume and perfectly even coating. Beauty’Full Volume reconciles volume and flexible hold for silky smooth lashes without that stiff look! Its mega lash styling brush with regularly perfectly coats lashes and builds extreme volume in just a few strokes. Extreme volume and no clumps guaranteed. Its mousse formula builds instant volume to lashes and can be applied layer upon layer without clogging, for intense black lashes. This lightweight formula can be easily removed with a classic make-up remover. TESTED FOR YOU!** INTENSE VOLUME: 90% of women agree FLEXIBLE SILKY LASHES: 83% of women agree Good to know: the Beauty’full Volume natural wax based formula is enriched with vitamin B5 and Vitamin E derivative. Free of parabens, it is also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara Bourjois Paris Beauty Full Volume Mascara

My Feedback :

I was really excited after I read about the product but every time I have tried it I see that it really don’t do anything to my lashes. The wand is big, fat and has dense brush. Looking at the brush the thought that came to my mind was that it will add a lot of volume but what it actually did was that it kind of clumped the lashes together and it feels really heave on the lashes. It also leaves a lot of clumps at the end of the lashes, which just makes the lashes look really funny.

Another thing that I completely hate about the product that it has a very strong fragrance; something that completely puts me off every time I open the tube.


I was completely disappointed with the product. I’m sure Bourjois has some other good mascara’s but this one was a complete miss.

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