Dancing Stars by Sujata Morab – Book Review

I totally believe in the power of stars and planets and how the effect can either be reduced or increased with the power of different gem stones. When I received this book, I was really excited to see how the author has described this in the story.


Blurb –

Shridhar and Vijaya Shastri feel their children are not their own. Have they taken births to settle their past lives’ karmic debt or is this a forewarning of some future event?

Suryansh and Ameta are well settled in their lives, succeeding in their respective chosen path when suddenly they are extracted and shown a destiny so fantastic that they fall to the temptation. Whether this aberration of theirs will raise them to unbelievable heights or destroy them? Why do they agree to the outrageous scheme?

A product so ingenious and powerful that it can either elevate the lives of people to next level or it can destroy the balance of the world?

Why is Guruji, a man of God, taking so much interest in worldly matters? Is he harbouring a separate agenda of his own?

Lives of many are unknowingly entwined because of whims of one person.

Set in cities of Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, their final destinies await the reluctant players.


My Review –


The story is of siblings who are born with different cosmic charts and are completely different from each other. Their parents start to think if are their own children or there is something else.

Shridhar Shastri is a follower of a Guruji who guides him and helps him through his period of sadness and worries. Guruji also guides him on both his kids, Mahant and Vedika. Mahant is a difficult kid and grows up to be full of ego and wants to become very successful. Vedika learns from Guruji and soon becomes learned and is able to differentiate between good and bad.

Guruji also becomes a guide to a very bright young boy called Suryansh, who at a very young age is able to learn physics and is able to excel in it.

Ameta is a famous gem jewellery designer who makes her pieces keeping the character of her clients, which also helped them when they wore those pieces.

There are a lot of characters who come together to give a final shape to the story line. All the characters have been described really well, their past and present but somewhere I feel that it was not structured well, it was written in a way that was a little confusing to follow.

Overall, the story is good and characters are well placed. The story keeps the reader engaged and the characters have a significant role to play. It is a quick  and a light read read that you can finish in one sitting. The language is simple and easy to follow.


I will rate it a 3/5.


I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.

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