Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman – Book Review

Dangled Carat

I bought this book with no expectation. The only thing that drew me to the book was that it was a memoir and I was looking to read one in sometime. I feel that memoirs bring a new element in a book, something that is real.



Hilary had gotten used to dating the commitment-phobic Marc, thirteen years her senior. They had a great relationship—why rush into things? She saw no need to pressure him for marriage, believing that when the time was right, he would propose. But after they had been together for four years, their friends decided to take matters into their own hands, pushing Marc to propose and making Hilary realize how much she really did want to marry the man that she loved. Unfortunately, Marc still wasn’t ready—and their friends’ meddling in the form of a faux engagement party led to a disastrous New Year’s Eve that brought their relationship to an inevitable turning point.

In this relatable, lighthearted, and playful memoir, Hilary reminisces about her life before Marc—from the insecure and awkward teenage years she spent in a back brace and dealing with the loss of her father, to her early relationships and, finally, to the day she met Marc and realized that she really wanted to see him again. Through their first date—even though Hilary was technically seeing someone else at the time—and the ease of their early time together until Marc first decided that they were moving too quickly, up until that fateful New Year’s Eve, Hilary shares the details of their relationship and how Marc’s inability to commit led her to find an inner strength and confidence she didn’t know she possessed.

For anyone who has ever dated a commitment-phobic, who has found their patience wearing thin with the one they love, or who has sat around wondering if he is ever going to pop the question while trying to remain the very picture of patience and grace, Hilary’s humorous and honest story will hit home.


My Review –


Hilary, who is in her mid-20s meet Marc, who is a mature man. Marc is commitment phobic but not like typical bachelors who are afraid of being with one woman. He feels that no one should jump to getting married till they are sure. He doesn’t want to follow others and get married because you are supposed to do so.

Hilary on the other hand is scared that she ends up in a relationship like her parents. He mother had to suffer a long time before her father actually decided to commit.

I loved the way Grossman has written her life experiences. They are real and still not uncomfortably personal. The characters are real and you instantly feel connected to them.

I loved the writing style. She keeps going to the flashbacks during different times of her life which keeps the story really connected. Also, reflects upon how people’s past affect their present and future.

My learning out of this one was that stay true to yourself and your relationship. Never let other’s opinions and comments bother you! I feel at times it is really important to look at what you have rather than finding issues and then crying over them!! It just takes the charm away from the relationship!

This is a true page turner. It is totally relatable and a real-life love story. I would give it a 5/5. Totally recommended!!!!

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