Hedonista Fleur Frozen Ittar in Night-blooming Jasmine Review

Hedonista Fleur Frozen Ittar in Night-blooming Jasmine

Ittar is generally an essential oil derived from a botanical sources. It’s highly concentrated and is generally mixed with little distilled water. It’s very famous in the Middle East to India. Is free of alcohol. As it’s really concentrated a small bottle generally lasts for a good few months.

I received Hedonista Fleur Frozen Ittar in one of the Envy boxes. The entire concept of frozen ittar is completely new to me. I could never even think that something like this even existed.

The product comes in a small tin box and 20 mg of this fleur frozen ittar will cost you Rs 1,045. The Hedonista product can be bought online either on its official website or on Envy Box.



Jasmine oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Beeswax, fractionated coconut oil

Jasmine essential oil has a lot of benefits and the top few because of which I have been using this product on a daily basis since I received the product are –

  • Antidepressant – it has a pleasing an uplifting effect. It instantly calms your mind and actively fights depression.
  • It helps aid a good night sleep. Even when I had a bad cold it would apply it near my nose and I would sleep really sound sleep.

Overall, this product has become a part of my life and helps me relax after a long stressful day. The fragrance is really subtle, it just stays for 2 to 3 hrs. and then it fades away. I just feel that maybe it could have a better staying power. You will have to keep reapplying it.

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