My tips to be more productive at work!!


There are days in my life when you reach work and stare at my computer but I’m not able to concentrate and focus on getting things done. These to me are those unproductive days when I just can’t accomplish anything. Over the years I have come up with my own tips and tricks to make these days more productive. I at least try to finish everything that I’m supposed to do and not concentrate on value add or any extra activity.


Organize your desk –

I just feel that when my working space is clean and organized I feel that my thoughts are clearer and I can think better. It also gives a good start to the day!


Listening to soft classical Music –

I was use to listening to pop music or the latest music when I felt that I was not really productive, however, I realized a few months back that when I listen to soft music I’m able to better concentrate and focus. It basically helps to calm me down and with the calm head I’m able to better focus on the activities of the day.


Create a to-do list –

When you make a nice and detailed to-do list, you know exactly what is it that you have to accomplish in the day. You can think and plan better. One tip that I have started doing is to time every activity. I write down by what time I would like to complete the activity, this keeps me on track and I’m able to accomplish more in a day.


Finish the important and difficult tasks at start of the day –

In the morning the energy level is higher and you will be able to accomplish more at the start. As you move ahead with the day your energy levels start to go down. I feel that if I’m able to complete the most difficult time at the start of the day I feel more confident that I will be able to close the day better!


A cup of tea –

Office temperature is always lower, a nice cup of hot tea (I generally drink green tea and hour or so after reaching office) give little comfort and also give a little bit of caffeine for that extra boost.


Workout in the morning –

Earlier I use to think that if I workout in the morning, I will be tired and will not be able to work. I was proved wrong when I started working out in the morning before work. Workout in the morning increases oxygen in your body that helps to be more energetic during the day.


Try and relax –

These are the days when you need to stay calm and relaxed. A good hot water bath, good food and a good book are what helps me relax after a long day and give me energy to deal with the next day.


Sleep on time –

Try and get the 8 hrs of beauty sleep. Your brain to detox as well and 8 hrs of sleep helps!



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