Story of Captain Jake and his sea friends!

My niece is someone who can create a story out of everything and so when I got to know about the #colgatemagicalstories I just had to participate and tell the world about the imagination of a 4 year old.

Story of Captain Jake and his sea friends!

I cut out one pack of Colgate for her and gave to it her to play. After an hour or so she made both her grandparents and me sit-down and started her story telling with perfect expressions and voice modulation which was outstanding. I don’t think I could ever do that! She created a different story with each pack and also very easily told us stories with the characters of all the four packs together. Out of all the stories she told us, the below story is my favorite.

The story is about Captain Jake and his sea friends. So here it goes –

Captain Jake had a huge ship which he used to love, one day he went to the sea and while he was at the sea he met a turtle called Slowey, a sea horse called Down, a whale called Biggi and Lion Fish called Tom. They all became friends and use to spend a lot of time together talking and sharing food, drinks and their toys. Over a period of time they use to spend most of their day together.

One day, while the sky was clouded, the waves went very high and Captain Jakes’s ship started to rock. The waves were sky high. It was so bad that the ship turned upside down and Captain Jake was thrown in water. He was getting worried on how he would survive in the middle of the sea and was thinking a big shark would come and eat him up. Just then Tom (Lion Fish) saw him and quickly went to help him, but he was very small to hold Jake. Tom quickly decided and went to get his other friends. They all got together and came to save Captain Jake. Biggi, the whale took Captain Jake on his back and they all started going towards the shore. When Biggie got tired of holding Captain Jake, Slowly (turtle) took turn and held Captain Jake on the back. They all worked together to get their friend to the shore and saved Captain Jake.

I thought she would stop as the story is over, but she continued to talk about what we have learnt. Then she said “we should always help everybody around us.” Sometimes these little kids talk about things that somewhere we have forgotten or do not give importance. She, in 10 minutes made us think about helping people and being more human!

#colgatemagicalstories is an outstanding concept which is not only helping my niece learn but also is making us think with every story she creates. With the help of such innovative techniques, it is easier for us to also teach our kids the importance of dental hygiene, actually the over all hygiene.

Thank you #Colgate for this amazing concept and for always protecting us just like Captain Jake’s friends.


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