The Deliberate Sinner by Bhaavna Arora – Book Review

The Deliberate Sinner


‘A women is another name of compromise’, that’s what someone told me when I was about to get married, and that also by a very educated woman. When I hear these words my heard just sinks. I think we are not ready as women to come out of this ideology. We have to be strong and should be able to fight for ourselves.

This story is about an empowered woman who goes through a lot. Rihanna, a fashion enthusiast and a pampered child of her parents meets a guy, Veer, during her trip to Bangkok through a common friend Raj. Rihanna, like any other young girl is waiting for a prince charming.

Rihanna, Veer and Raj meet regularly and one fine day Veer proposes her for marriage. Like any other Indian marriage, both families come together and are very happy for the marriage. Rihanna and Veer get engaged and Veer moves to a different city for work. Slowly she finds that Veer is not exactly the guy she thought he was. He was not understanding, very possessive and most importantly insensitive towards Rihanna.

During this time, Rihanna gets really close to Raj, but the usual drama happened when Rihanna’s parents found out about her closeness with Raj. Raj also turns out to be spineless and doesn’t stand for Rihanna.

In spite of the doubt in Rihanna’s heart, she gets married to Veer, that’s when her life just takes a bad turn. Veer was not concern about Rihanna’s emotional and physical needs. She went through fights, domestic violence, marital Rape and an unfaithful husband.

She takes a strong step and moves away from Veer, goes to her parents’ house, only to realize that her parents are also not supporting her. They wanted her to patch up with Veer and go back to him. They were more worried about the society. She goes to stay with her uncle at Mumbai and takes up her passion of fashion designing.

That’s where she meets Avinash. Both Rihanna and Avinash become really good friends.

During a trip with friends, Rihanna plans her way out of Veer’s life. She and Veer move away from each other with mutual consent.

The book portrayed relationships in a feminist way. I like the end, as it doesn’t portray Rihanna as a victim, but as a fighter.

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