The last queen of Kashmir by Rakesh.K.Kaul – Book Review


Every time I’m away from blogging for long I’m generally engrossed in reading. At time I get into a phase where the only thing that I like to do is read. So, when I’m back after a break from blogging I usually do a book review. Today I’ll review a book on Kashmir princess by Rakesh.K.Kaul. This book is called ‘The last queen of Kashmir’ and is a story of a warrior queen who ruled Kashmir.


A historical saga of treachery, betrayal and the quest for land and religious supremacy in Kashmir in 1330 AD, The Last Queen of Kashmir is the story of the beautiful Kota and how she is, unknowingly, swept into the intrigues of the court of Kashmir. The book is as much a description of what Kashmir was like in the fourteenth century as the story of a strong woman leader, a kingdom and a civilization in turmoil.


My Review

The last queen of Kashmir is woman protagonist ‘Kota’ where the author has shown various emotional variations. The character is beautifully done.

Kota is Angaraka and the greatest queen of Kashmir. She believes is traditions and karma and is not someone who fears anything.

The story starts with girl living in Battal Balian Refugee Camp, (Udhampur J&K) with her grandmother. She has been selected by an American University under full scholarship for studies. As she prepares to leave her grandmother narrates the story of queen Kota.

Kota’s father was a righteous commander-in-chief of Kashmir. Kota is looked after by Saras after the death of her mother while she was still very young. The story starts with a test that Kota has to give to graduate from Shardapeeth, a seat of learning.

The Turk invader Dalucha attacks the fort of Kashmir; Kota helps her father Ramachandra in preventing the enemy from taking over the kingdom.

I will not give away more of the story. You should read this and enjoy it.

Author has made vast research in terms of history, culture, religion, and strategy of the period of the story is evident throughout the book. Narration is a mix of today’s and yesteryears style.

I just feel that author could have done a better job is making the reader understand how Kota won the hearts of her people. Maybe things around how communication use to work to spread awareness among people.

I’m a big fan of historical fiction and totally loved this book. It will be a treat for all the historical fiction lovers like me.

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