The Trip – Rohit Bandri – Book Review

The trip

The book is about a trip and as you read about the trip you feel you have become a part of it! It totally reminded me of times spent with friends during collage.

Blurb –

As Ravi sets out on a trip to Ratnagiri and Goa with his old friends Akash, Siddharth and Gaurav, he can barely wait for the fun, party and friendship to kickoff. But life has other plans for him. He meets his college crush Prajakata, who despite being married forms a new bond with him. A bond that Ravi had always craved for but never had before. Even as Ravi grapples with the idea of pursuing his lost love despite her marital status he cannot ignore the hand of destiny in this meeting.

His own dilemma however, does not blind Ravi from noticing that something is bothering Akash right since the beginning of the trip. Ravi is also surprised to see Gaurav arriving on this trip with a friend Pooja regarding whom he has made no prior mention to anyone.

As Ravi tries to demystify the life of his friends and his own, will this trip show them more than just places?


My Review –

The story is about Ravi, who along with his friends Akash, Prajakata, Gaurav, Pooja and Siddharth decide a reunion. They all decide to go on a trip. It was supposed to be a boys only trip but circumstances were such that they are joined by two girls as the trip progresses.

They decide to travel to Ratnagiri and Goa during Christmas and New Year. Siddharth, who is travelling from the US to be with his family is from Ratnagiri. The book provides a great description if Ratnagiri and all the tourist attraction around that area. After reading the book, now Ratnagiri is on my list of places to visit.

They meet Prajakata at Ratnagiri who is Ravi’s collage crush and she decides to join them as well for the onward journey to Goa. Prajakata is married and lives with her in-laws at Ratnagiri. During the trip there are sparks that fly between Prajakata and Ravi. Ravi’s friends feel it too and warn him to not to get too close to a married woman.

They reach Goa and the trip takes a very different angle. The author talks about the drugs menace and how the youth is drawn towards it.

The narrative is very simple and the author has taken care to ensure that the storyline is simple yet has a message. At no time you feel that it’s confusing or is getting out of hand. It’s a fast paced book so it really difficult to put it down!

The characters are very well placed and their emotions are described really well. You can really feel that all of them are going through different emotions at different times during the entire journey!

I totally loved this book and to me I did not feel that I was reading a creation of a debutant author. It’s an easy fun read that will definitely make you think of your friends!

I would rate it a 4/5. Totally recommended!


A complimentary copy of the book was provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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